Ptuj Guide


Hi, it’s lovely to see you here!

I’m Sanja Selinšek, a founder of Ptuj Guide, a journalist, storyteller, amateur historian and a translator. I was born in Ptuj. From 2004, as I passed the exams in the Regional Museum of Ptuj-Ormož, I guide tourists through castle collections. In 2009 I passed the exams for a local tourist guide, later the exams for the guide through the Dominican monastery. Therefore I guide tourists through beautiful museum collections and through Ptuj in three languages: Slovene, English and German. In founded the page in 2012 and in 2016 I changed the concept and here it is – for jour pleasure, fun and inspiration!


What does Ptuj Guide bring? is a portal, designed for all that wish to discover Ptuj. It is designed for residents of Ptuj as well as for tourists that wish to visit the town, or stop by on the road. It is a web page that brings basic information for tourists and interesting articles and guidelines what to see and what to visit. In this way the visit of the oldest town in Slovenia will be easy and fun.

Basic information for tourists is presented in three languages: Slovene, English and German. Photos and maps are added to provide the essential information you need when visiting the town. The second part of this site is designed as a blog, bringing articles on topics covering the town. They are going to be written in Slovene language only.


Ptuj Guide wishes to present different stories hidden in the town, to take you into the history, art, culture and heritage. It bring you tales hidden behind the city doors.


Who is writing?

I was born in Ptuj. I am a translator and amateur historian at heart, teacher of Slovene language and literature and translator and interpreter for English language by profession, even though I translate from and into German language as well. Writing, books, stories and languages were always an essential part of me and they continue to be my passion. My work actually comprises of different aspects of work in a field of culture – I work as a translator in three languages, I am a host of events and public interviews, I work for summer festivals in Ptuj, helping with the organisation and I am a president of the largest cultural association DPD Svoboda Ptuj. I am also a trainee in storytelling. 


As a journalist (I worked in print and TV) and storyteller, I wish to write articles for this page, which will bring interesting stories to residents of Ptuj and others interested in reading them. Let the stories be your guide into the oldest town in Slovenia.

More about my work you can see here: AGATHA ART