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My name is Sanja Selinšek and I am a  local tourist guide, journalist and a translator.  I’ve been an art and culture lover for years, working in the field, but here at this blog, I am combining my love for the home city of Ptuj, writing and exploring the heritage and culture of my hometown.

I am the founder of Ptuj Guide which brings topics on cultural tourism, art, culture, history, and heritage of Ptuj and its surroundings.  Therefore I can bring you insight into the rich and interesting wealth of this area.

Guided tours with experience

Since 2004 I bring knowledge about the area to tourists and I know what are they looking for. I am a guide and a writer of content in the field of art, culture, and heritage. My tours are always full of information and stories.

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Articles, that will bring you closer to history, art, heritage and interesting corners of the oldest town in Slovenia. 

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17 most important sight-seing spots in the city


The oldest town in Slovenia offers a lot of stunning things to see, but the most important sight-seeing sports are here at your finger tips. Go through the town and enjoy in medieval buildings, antique monuments and gentle light of the sunset.

What kind of a guided tour would you wish?

Ptuj Guide offers different guided tours. They will bring you into the stories of this town.

Walking city tour

Ptuj castle
Guided tour of the castle collections

Dominikan monastery
Guided tour of the monastery

Visit the treasure of millennia

Ptuj is a city with a rich history, it won’t let you down. Roman heritage speaks about the once-mighty metropolis, medieval buildings tell you about life it once was, art and heritage speak about the versatility of this dreamy city. Be amazed by it!

What Ptuj Guide offers?

Variety of guided tours

We offer a variety of guided tours which are tailored to your specific needs. Guided tours are meant to be for your enjoyment and pleasure when learning about the city.


Useful information

This blog offers useful information about the city and its surroundings. They are for your help when planning a visit. 

Interesting ideas

Do you need ideas about what to see or do in Ptuj and its surroundings? Here are many ideas at your fingertips.



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Guided tour was perfect, personalized and full of information. 


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“We would like to thank you for the kindness, help, professional competence and great guided tour.



“I give you the five-star grade. The tour was informative, interesting and dynamic. “



“Thank you for the professional guidance, we learned a great deal of new information. We really enjoyed the city of Ptuj.”



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