Ptuj Guide

Useful information

Ptuj-info points

At some sightseeing spots in Ptuj you will find a QR code with some info about the spot. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone and you’ll get the information about the spot. There are 33 info points in town altogether.

Free internet access:

Find a wireless internet connection: Free-HotSpot-MM

You can access the internet also in bars or in the library.

Where to park?

In the city centre there is a blue line or zone, where you can park. Just purchase a ticket at the machine. Leave the ticket under the windshield.

Free parking spot

There is a free parking spot across the church of s. Oswald where you will find the parking space covered with gravel.


You can rent a bike at the reception desk in  Terme Ptuj or
at bike store BIKE EK, Ulica heroja Lacka 9, Ptuj, 02 771 24 41



The free of charge city bus transport is available to all users and is providing mobility to all groups of passengers.



Where will the free of charge city bus drive?

ZADRUŽNI TRG (Parking spot) –  TERME PTUJ (Pot v toplice) – AVTOBUSNA POSTAJA PTUJ (Osojnikova cesta) – DOM UPOKOJENCEV PTUJ (Rimska ploščad) – RIMSKA PEČ (Kraigherjeva ulica) – BANKA (Ulica 5. Prekomorske) – BRATJE REŠ (Volkmerjeva cesta) – Maistrova ulica – POD GRADOM (Raičeva ulica) – TRŽNICA (Slomškova ulica) – TIC PTUJ (Slovenski trg) – OŠ OLGE MEGLIČ (Prešernova ulica) – ZADRUŽNI TRG (Parkirišče Zadružni trg)


City transport Ptuj will be operated with a smaller air-conditioned bus with seating and standing area, available also to people with disabilities. The bus will drive every day:

–          during working days (from Monday till Friday) from 6.30 till 21.00 o’clock,

–          on Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 6.30 till 15.00 o’clock.

On a 30-minutes interval the line will connect the parking spot at Zadružni trg and Terme Ptuj on the left river bank of Drava and the residential part with the old city centre.


State holidays:

  1. januar               New year
  2. februar               Prešernov dan – Slovene cultural holiday
  3. april                  Resistance day
  4. in 2. maj
  5. junij                   Souverenighty day
  6. avgust
  7. oktober               Reformation day
  8. november
  9. december           Christmas
  10. december           Independence day


You can use EuroCard, MasterCard or VISA.

– Trstenjakova 2

– Novi trg 1

– Lackova 5

– Zagrebška 5

– Blagovnica Mercator

– Ormoška/26 b

– Ormoška 30

– Osojnikova 9

– Osojnikova 27- Pot v Toplice 9

– Potrčeva 10

– Potrčeva 23

– Prešernova 6

Bus station

Osojnikova cesta 11
2250 Ptuj
Tel.: 02/ 771 14 91

Train station

Osojnikova cesta 2
2250 Ptuj
Tel.: 02/ 292 46 22