Ptuj Guide

How to get to Ptuj

The city Ptuj has an interesting spot in NE Slovenia, because it is positioned not far away from the bigger cities. The second largest city in Slovenia, Maribor, is only 25 km away, the capital Ljubljana is only 120 km away.  You will reach the Hungarian border after 82 km and Town Lendava, which lies at the border in region Prekmurje, after 76 km. The Croatian border is only 16 km away and you will reach the Croatian capital Zagreb after 86 km. Also Austria is near. Austrian border is 45 km away and you will reach Graz, the second largest Austrian city after 100 km.

Mayor capiral cities in the vicinity:

  • Zagreb – 86 km
  • Graz – 100 km
  • Wienna – 285 km
  • Prague – 600 km
  • Bratislava – 350 km
  • Belgrade –  480 km
  • Budapest – 300 km


Using the highway:

  • From north: If you are coming from north, from Austria take A4, A1 and E59.
  • From west: If you are coming from west, from Ljubljana take  A1 and A4.
  • From east: If you are coming from the east take, A5.  

The train

There is a regular line from Ljubljana,Maribor and Murska Sobota to Ptuj, from other parts of the country you have to switch at mayor train stations, like Zidani most or Pragersko. The timtables are to be found here. The train connections with Austria are good, but connections with Croatia and Zagreb are bad.


The Bus Timetables are to be found here.


Ptuj Guide